A New Year’s resolution for teachers

As a teacher, you will have to fulfill several different roles at school, one of which could be that of a career counselor. Although this is not what you studied, the influence that you can have on a child’s career path should never be underestimated. The good news is that you can give this informal guidance without putting extra time out for it. 

Try out some of the ways with which you can help your students discover career paths: 
1. Be passionate about the children and your subject and explain to the students in which career fields the subject you teach will be necessary. Children often enjoy and excel in subjects when they can relate to the teacher and see the relevance of the content. 

2. Create opportunities for professionals to talk to the children in your class and explain their career to them. For example, if you teach accounting to get a bookkeeper to address the kids, if you teach a language let a translator or journalist come in to address them. 

3. Encourage students to pursue careers in the STEM field. Do this by explaining the opportunities STEM subjects could create for them and by making sure they know that both boys and girls can and should excel in these fields. There is still a lot of people who might think and tell girls that they don’t belong in these fields. This is not true, and teachers have a positive influence to challenge this misconception. 

4. If you don’t know the answer to the question they ask, find out or get someone who knows to come and answer their questions. 

This New Year’s resolution is one that might very well change your life and the lives of your students. You might also want to read this article on how to prepare students for a successful future