Heritage Day

One of the best things about living in South Africa is the kaleidoscope of cultures and languages you are exposed to as you encounter different people at work, school, and in other public spaces. 

Heritage Day is about honoring, celebrating and exploring the diversity of the people around us. This day was also established to inspire an appreciation and understanding of the many cultures around us.

South Africa has a great deal of history, with both positive and negative things having happened, and this history has shaped this country to be what it is today. Heritage Day also presents an opportunity to embrace and share our history.

There is so much we can all learn from other cultures if we use this one day for just that. You might also find that we have more similarities than differences to celebrate.

Keep celebrating who you are through language, music, dress, art or writing and anything that is part of your culture and find ways to teach those around you. Happy Heritage Day!