De-cluttering your life

For many people, the wake of spring means it's time for spring cleaning. Not only the cleaning of houses, but also a reorganising of the mind. When a person's space is cluttered, they tend to feel stuck or sluggish.

De-cluttering doesn’t mean simply getting rid of what you don't need, but it also means that you are creating room for the things and activities that are more beneficial to you.  If you are diligent and committed to clearing the clutter, you will soon feel lighter and more likely to focus on your goals and achieve them. 

Understand where you are
This is a great starting point for you as you embark on de-cluttering your life. Know where you are and how you got there. Assess the decisions you made or decisions that were not made, conversations, thought processes – both positive and negative, perhaps choosing a certain path or another one. If you realise that you are not where you would like to be, there is no better time to make a change than the present.  

Be patient with yourself
Now that you know and understand where you are, you can work on moving forward with the plan of de-cluttering your life. However, you must remember that it is not an overnight change.  Whatever happens, do not don't stop trying, even if you stumble along the way.  

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