Starting or going back to school tips

A bit of planning can help you to be prepared and confident on the big day. 
  • Start preparing early. The last-minute rush might frustrate you and make you miss out on Back-to-School promotions. Know where your best buys for specific items would be before you go the shops.  
  • Double check what the school will supply and what you need to buy. Then take your stationery list from the school and your child with you. Let them choose the colour of their pencil case, school bag etc. This excite them about going back to school. 
  • Buy school uniforms and mark them with your child’s name and a phone number. This could help lost items to be returned to you. 
  • Buy school shoes no longer than two weeks before the start of school to ensure they are still a good fit. Children should never wear shoes that are too tight or uncomfortable since this could affect healthy foot development. Read more about how to choose the right fit shoe for your child and download our shoe size chart. 
  • Get a week planner that is displayed in a central place and indicates everything your child should prepare for, or take to school during the first week, for example, parents evening Monday, cricket gear and practice on Thursday. This will help reduce their anxiety associated with the unknown of a new school year. It could be kept up to date throughout the year to help your child plan and organise themselves. 
  • Prepare lunch and water bottles the night before. 
  • Let them pack their school bag with everything they will need the day before school starts. 
  • Lay out their uniform the night before to help with the morning rush.

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