Why you should mentor others

We should all be lifelong learners and mentors. Teaching our kids this can be a valuable lesson. Personally, I mentor because I am the person I am today because somebody decided to mentor me. Here are the other reasons why I mentor:
  1. Mentoring gives me the potential to change someone’s life.
  2. Mentoring allows me to inspire others to see their potential.
  3. Mentoring helps me to keep up with the times through having young mentees.
  4. Mentoring allows me to be an active citizen building a better South Africa for all.
  5. Mentoring allows me to continue to learn about myself and transform my life.
  6. Mentoring allows me to reinforce life lessons.
  7. Mentoring helped me to find my purpose.

I am often asked “what makes a good mentor?". A good mentor must have these basic qualities:
  • A sincere desire to make a difference in other people’s lives ;
  • Active listening skills;
  • Empathy;
  • Ability to see problems and solutions; and
  • Belief in personal growth and learning.
  • Adult or kid, anyone looking to contribute to the success of others should be mentoring someone. Are you?

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