What you can learn from poor marks

If you studied and feel that you knew and understood your work, you should consider the following possible reasons for your poor marks:

  1. Your study methods might be wrong for this specific subject: Different subjects should be studied in different ways. With mathematics, for example, you should work through practice examples where you can practice applying your theoretical knowledge, while critical discussions about the topics you study in History might help you to really understand the content.
  2. Your time management might be wrong: If you spend too much time on certain sections in the question paper, and then don’t finish all the questions, you should relook your time management. If you have 60 minutes for a question paper of 100 marks, you should only spend about half a minute on a mark. Force yourself to stick to this and continue with the next question if you get stuck.
  3. You might have an emotional block towards the subject that you should address: Sometimes you don’t like a teacher or you have a negative connotation about the subject because you struggled with it previously. This could keep you from performing to your full potential. Address whatever is really bothering you and don’t let past experiences make you negative about the subject now.
  4. It might not be what you are good at and that is okay: We are all good at something else and if a specific subject is not a natural strength for you, that is okay. Do your best and make sure you get a professional opinion when you choose subjects.
  5. Your subject choices might be wrong: If you chose subjects that are not your strength and you struggle to pass them, you can make it more difficult for yourself to pass Matric with exemption. Make sure you choose wisely. Click here to read more about Matric exemption and why it is important.

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