What exactly is a gap year?

Finished Matric … now what? Securing a place at a tertiary institution is difficult and deciding what to study is even more daunting. Considering that statistically only 15% of students will eventually graduate, creates a considerable amount of additional pressure to making these critical decisions. One of the biggest reasons for the high drop out of tertiary studies, is that students are not sufficiently equipped with the learning tools and life skills required to manage the transition from school to university.

A Gap year is an optional year that many young South Africans take after school to explore and discover not only themselves, but the world.

With many gap year programmes suited to individual interests, learners are able to gain the following:

•    Work and business readiness – preparing for the world of work.

•    Self-employment opportunities – discovering the entrepreneur within. Read about why you should mentor others.

•    Community service – reaching into the local disadvantaged communities, enriching and building compassion and self-awareness.

•    Life coaching – changing limitations and setting goals.

•    Adventure activities to help juggle work and play to achieve a work life balance.

•    Build a career path and personal life plan.

For those learners who aren't entirely sure, taking a gap year could be the best option to consider. Not only can a gap year be considered as taking time out between life stages to ensure you pursue the right direction but also enables one to gain valuable experience, by participating in activities for self-improvement, that add to life experience and give career direction.

Here are a few Gap Year options: 
•    Summer camp leader - an opportunity for travel and meeting new people.

•    Work at a ski resort.

•    Teach English in a foreign country.

•    Au pair – looking after and living with other families, learning different cultures.

Read more about Adult Education Options here.

Here are some programmes you might like to consider:
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