Ways to make education more affordable

Tuition or school fees

  • Schools and tertiary institutions usually have different payment options which you can look at.
  • Planning for school and university fees by saving beforehand. Click here for some financial tools.
  • Compare the costs of living on campus or the school grounds versus living elsewhere. Take into account that meals are sometimes included and can make a difference in your overall budget.
  • Apply for scholarships. If you excel in a specific sport, cultural activity or in academics, you might qualify to apply for a scholarship.
  • Studying part time while working might be an option. Even though it will take longer for you to complete your studies, it makes it more doable.
  • Look for in-service training options.

Textbook costs

  • Textbooks can be very expensive, but you don’t have to always buy new books.
  • You can buy them from second hand book shops or directly from other students.
  • You can study in the library where the textbook should be available.
  • There is a specific percentage of a textbook that you are allowed to copy for academic purposes. Your librarian can give you the guidelines. So if you will only use some chapters or pages in a book you can consider this option.
  • Sharing textbooks with a buddy can help you afford them.

Travel expenses

  • Try to stay as close to the school or tertiary institution as possible.
  • If it is a safe area you can walk to class in a group and let it double as your workout for the day.
  • Start a lift club so that a few people can contribute to the fuel expenses.

Earning something extra

  • Students can benefit in several ways from getting a part-time job. Check the notice boards for possible opportunities.
  • Students can sometimes work as tutors or assistants in the different departments at colleges or universities. This gives you the added benefit of going through the study material again and having lecturers around to answer your questions when you study.
  • If you work over holidays it will give you the opportunity to save up to cover all the unexpected costs during the school term.

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