Valentine’s activities for the family

  1. Have a picnic in the garden. Take the time to talk to each other and just enjoy some family time together.
  2. Do a circle of appreciation, where every family member should say what they appreciate about each of the other family members.
  3. Have a scavenger hunt with clues/riddles that the kids should solve. The prize could be a voucher for homemade milkshakes or movie tickets.
  4. Visit a tourist site in your town that you haven’t thought of visiting before. If you search around the internet you would be amazed at what is available to see and visit in your area.  
  5. Have a movie night!
  7. Bake heart shape biscuits, decorate them together and make up gift packets for special people like grandparents or an aunt.

Important rule: No cell phones should be allowed. They will steal away your precious family time.

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