Tips for a successful photo shoot with kids

Things to do and take with to your family shoot:

  • If there are specific photos that you want, write them down to give to your photographer so that you don’t have to remember everything in the midst of all the action. 
  • With kids you will get the best photos if you keep it natural and relaxed. Don’t coach your child to smile and pick a venue they would feel comfortable in. 
  • Don’t be rigid about how they should sit or behave. Let them have fun!
  • Don’t be rushed or impatient with them. They shouldn’t stress about the photos that is being taken. 
  • Choose a photographer that is comfortable working with children and who will accommodate their needs.
  • Choose clothes that are not busy with patterns, stripes or logos. Solid colours work best.
  • If it is an outside summer photo shoot, read about how to survive the summer heat here.
  • Pack:
  • Some wet wipes for cleaning hands and faces.
  • A change of clothes should theirs get dirty.
  • Snacks and drinks to keep them happy. 
  • Toys to keep them busy when they take a break. 
  • A blanket to throw open for them to relax on if the shoot is outside. The smaller the children the more breaks you will have to plan for.

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