Tips for couples to successfully manage finances

Research shows that couples have arguments about money, on average 3 times per month! In many instances with relationships, opposites attract and the result is a relationship between a spontaneous spendthrift and a Scrooge. 

With money at the centre of everything we do, it is not surprising that money is one of the reasons most couples argue and in fact, is one of the principal contributors to divorce and break-ups. 

Here’s a list of some do’s for couples to ensure successful money management

  1. Acknowledge that sometimes it feels uncomfortable talking about money;
  2. Openly discuss your situation, financial habits, and behaviours;
  3. Create a shared financial vision with specific goals;
  4. Regularly share new financial updates;
  5. Gain awareness and clarity around each other’s money habits and beliefs; and
  6. Understand and respect differences in each other’s beliefs on money.

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