The family getting involved in Maths

Getting the whole family involved in learning helps kids’ maths skills to improve
Maths games
Board games, puzzles, chess and Monopoly are great family games for developing mathematical thinking. Chess helps with calculation, prediction, strategy and analytical thinking and Monopoly is a fun simulation of real estate investments and helps with arithmetic practice.

Maths in your daily life
While out and about at the shops get the kids to guess how much the groceries in your trolley cost. When in the car get them to estimate the distance between your destinations, to count how many trees there are on the way to where you’re going or count the number of a certain colour car.

Maths gets creative
Who says maths can’t be creative? Get your kids to create their own learning tools. You can create fraction flowers (all you need are paper plates, paint, colourful pens and a pair of scissors). I found some great ideas on Pinterest, so have a look there for some inspiration.

Maths and books
A seemingly strange combination, you can even integrate maths into the kid’s bed time stories! Depending on the age of your kids, the family can take turns reading the books out loud and solve the problems presented in the book. One of my favourites is How Big is a Million? by Anna Milbourne, of course there are many more options – visit your closest bookstore for more titles.

All the above are great ways to get your kids excited about maths, I hope you make the best of these activities and that the results are long-lasting!

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