The FAB Quotient - 3 steps to a healthier you

This is one of the contributing factors towards poor lifestyle choices. Even though there is more information on health and wellness issues than ever before, many of us:

  • Make poor choices about eating while on the run;
  • We don’t seem to have the time, energy or inclination to exercise;
  • We struggle to manage our weight;
  • We need chronic medication to manage health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol;
  • Or we experience excessive worry, anxiety and depression. 

If you are keen to fight fatigue, banish brain fog, balance your weight and lead a happy, mindful and purposeful life, the following 3 element should be included in your life. 

The FAB Quotient™ are:

  1. FUEL your body - we gain energy from feeding our bodies with the right nutrients and the right fuelling strategy. Click here to read more about the right fuel.
  2. ACTIVATE your brain and body - we gain strength from activating our bodies and brains using neuroscience techniques, such as smart movement and breathing activations. Click here to read about easy breathing exercises. 
  3. BEHAVE in a way that nurtures yourself and others - we live our life’s purpose through our thoughts, actions and behaviour, which in turn determines the quality of our relationships both personally and professionally. Click here to read more about how to behave.

The FAB Quotient™ was developed by Celynn Erasmus and Joni Peddie. To order their book visit