The advantages of adult colouring

The advantages of colouring includes:

  1. Less stress: Psychologists describe it as a stress-free activity that relaxes the part of the brain where fear is situated. Colouring has been part of some therapy models for many years.
  2. Lowered blood pressure: Because of the relaxing effect that colouring can have, you might experience several other health benefits such as a lower and healthier blood pressure reading. 
  3. Improved focus: Colouring improves the ability to live in the moment which in turn improves focus. Colouring often helps you think of solutions to problems. 
  4. No judgement self-time: Everything in our lives is being judged according to how well or fast we do it. This is your time to just be you, without any output being measured.
  5. Easy to take anywhere: You can take your book and pencils with you wherever you go. Make sure you make the most of those times waiting in the car for your kids to finish an activity or sitting in a waiting room. 
  6. Inexpensive: You don’t need a lot to reap the benefits of colouring. Click here to download some free mandalas to colour.
  7. Improves fine motor skills: Colouring strengthens your fingers and hand muscles, which can improve your fine motor skills. This is important for hands that’s getting older or if you suffer from conditions that might make your fingers and hand muscles feel stiff and sore. 
  8. Work performance improves: Studies show that colouring outside of work can actually increase your work performance. 

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