Teaching determination, self-discipline & commitment

Fun, knowledge, life lesson
Have you ever watched a weaver build a nest? The determination and perseverance is amazing. These are attributes that we all want our children to have as it will help them to be successful in whatever they do. Whether this is a sport they play or an exam they study for.

Take them out into the garden and show them a weaver or a weaver’s nest…

Some facts you can share:

  • The Spectacled weaver’s is also known as the Ploceusocularis.
  • It takes on average 14 hours to complete the task of building a nest.
  • One study indicated that a male weaver rebuilt a nest 25 times before it was accepted by the female.

What’s the lesson?
Ask your child what they can learn from this. You can have a wonderful discussion about perseverance, determination and commitment. Never, ever give up on whatever you do!

Family challenge
Now challenge each other to invest “WEAVER time�? in all your efforts to be successful in whatever you wish to achieve in LIFE!

Make a reminder
Now you and your child can spend some time and design a poster of the knowledge and life lessons learnt from the weaver and display it in your family room. Other alternatives could be to create an art design or bookmarks with the same theme.

“Always act as if it is impossible to fail�? - Ashanti (Ghana)

Creating awareness of life lessons learned from nature should become a way of living. It increases a child’s life guiding principles, and strengthens family cohesion.

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