Swimming lessons

I started swimming lessons with both my kids when they were only 6 months old. Like most parents I wanted to get my kids water safe because:

  • It only takes 2,5 cm of water to drown in. This makes an empty fish pond with a little rain water in or a bucket of water for washing floors very dangerous!
  • children can drown without a sound.
  • most drownings happen while there was supervision.
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I realised that swimming lessons has a lot of additional benefits and that teaching water safety includes teaching kids about the dangers. Teach them to never go near water without an adult. Teach them to walk some distance away from any open water sources and to hold your hand when they do so. Practice this and test them to see what they will do in a real life situation.

Advantages of swimming lessons

  1. Water is an awesome sensory experience.
  2. It can support language and social skills.
  3. It develops strong muscles and gross motor skills.
  4. It can develop into an individual or a team sport for your child.
  5. It’s a form of exercise you can do for the rest of your life.
  6. The chance of sustaining an injury from swimming compared to other sports is much less. This is because every muscle group gets exercise without putting stress on bones or joints.
  7. It’s a lot of fun and teaches kids a love for water. A good coach will also teach them respect for the water without creating fear.
  8. Improves muscle tone and core strength which is very important for a good posture.

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