Students have good reason to protest

Why do students protest?
Students will be students and they will always have something to protest about, be it statues, dormitory conditions, quota’s, student fees and in fact a myriad of things that may seem incidental to some, unnecessary to others and just plain petty to yet others. Students are our future and their voices must be heard, but when it comes down to the destruction of assets, preventing other students from doing what they want to do and generally disrupting things, then students are out of line and mislead.

So let me take a step back and see if I can throw any light on any reason why students seem to be spending so much of their valuable time disrupting each other, the community in general and of course those actually running the varsities.

Discontentment with their lot could be a factor, but what would cause discontentment?  I firmly believe that many students are studying subjects that are just not suited to their individual character, some are surely studying accounting because their father is an accountant when in fact their inner being tells them that they would thrive in an engineering environment.  Students attend Careers Days and see posters and meet people able to offer them fascinating jobs in all kinds of wonderful fields – and their reaction could well be resentment about the wonderful opportunities others have.

Career direction
Obviously I am no expert, but career direction, or the lack thereof, must surely play a role in students frustration;  frustration because some of them are not doing what they want to, which leads to the need to express oneself by whatever means and it is there that the trouble starts.  

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Is it contagious?
It only takes one discontented person  to stir the emotions of many and as the form of protest can be anti-social, the often sensationalist media put the events on their front pages which in turn leads to other students finding other reason to continue the carnage.

What should our focus be?
It’s all part of student life and we’ll never stop it, but a contented student is one studying something he or she is happy studying and they in turn are not the revolting type so to speak.  So, perhaps a bit more focus on pre-university career guidance could play a role in quietening things down a bit.

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