Snacking for stamina

What is snacking for stamina?
When you keep your blood-glucose levels stable.

Snacking for stamina is SMART:

  • Strategic: planned and purposeful — set your family up for snacking success by having the right snacks close at hand. Pack an extra snack box in their after school bag.
  • Measurable: portion controlled — 500kJ (120kCal) per snack for women and 750kJ (180kCal) per snack for men. Busy kids that is not over weight might need more than adult portions.
  • Assortment: variety is important, for instance, choose fresh fruit (carbohydrate) interspersed with almonds (healthy fat) and lean biltong (protein).
  • Real food: think fresh fruit, not fruit gums. Raw nuts, not nut brittle.
  • Timed: An afternoon snack, for example, will keep hunger pangs at bay and may help you eat a lighter evening meal.
  • Mindless munching at your desk or on the go. 
  • Choosing processed or high-sugar snacks.

 What it is not about:

Snacking for stamina and having SMART snacks at regular intervals during the day will help you stay energised. 

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