Should I join a study group?

These 5 questions will help you decide if you should join a study group or not.

Will I be able to stay focused in a group? 
Some people find it very hard to stay focused on the academic discussions and might feel tempted to engage in social chatter throughout the session. If you are like that you might find joining a study group counterproductive. Study groups that have a clear structure, for example, we catch up socially for a few minutes, then recap what was discussed in class, then address problem areas and afterwards have some snacks and drinks, would work better for you.

Is the group focused? 
It is very important that the group members come to the study sessions prepared. This means that everyone should have done some individual studying first where they identify things they are unsure of and want to discuss. If there is no clear focus to the discussions, no one will learn anything from the study sessions.

Do I have the same goals as the group? 
Do you want to improve your marks or ace your subject or do you want to catch up on work that you have missed because you don’t always attend class? Your goals should be in line with the group’s goals otherwise the mismatch will frustrate everyone. 

Will I feel comfortable in this specific group of people to share my ideas and ask questions?
It is important to make a contribution and to find the other member’s contributions helpful. You have to respect the others and be comfortable enough to ask questions without feeling scared to look stupid.

Can I commit to the group’s set meeting times? 
The group will probably have set meeting times each week and since the other members will also rely on your contributions, you have to be sure that you will be able to attend most meetings and not just when you struggle with a concept.

It’s okay if you are not a study group type of student, everyone learns differently and the most important thing is to find what works for you. 

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