School fees – what are you paying for?

When you start looking at a school’s budget, you realise that they have a lot of expenses that parent’s doesn’t know about. To help you understand where and on what schools would typically spend their money, we compiled these lists with some of the costs.

Capital expenses

  • Building classrooms
  • Buying busses
  • Buying computers
  • Buying white boards, chalk boards, televisions, projectors and other classroom equipment
  • Buying playground equipment
  • Buying office and classroom furniture
  • Buying copiers
  • Buying library books
  • Safety equipment like CCTV
Maintenance and Repairs
Maintenance and repairs of:

  • buildings
  • classroom equipment
  • playground equipment
  • sports fields
  • sports equipment
  • furniture
  • busses/vehicles

Operating Expenses

  • Insurance
  • Water and electricity
  • Salaries (teachers, cleaners, janitor, gardener etc.)
  • Support personnel such as counsellors, psychologists, remedial teachers
  • Janitorial supplies for example cleaning aids
  • Stationery (art supplies, chalk, markers etc.)
  • Office supplies
  • Copier (paper, ink, services)
  • Computer (software, supplies, technical support)
  • Telephone bill
  • Teacher training and workshops
  • Diesel for busses
  • Safety services (armed response, alarms, repairs)
  • Television licence
  • Bank overdrafts and charges
  • Adverts for staff vacancies

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