School fee structure & payments

Here are some of the most important things about school fee structures and payments you should know:
School fees are usually given as an amount per annum.

  • Most schools offer different payment options such as: 
- A once off annual payment of the total amount. They often offer a 5-10 % discount if you make use of this option. It will, however, mean that you pay this amount in January.
- Paying per term, usually at the start of a new term.
- Paying per month at the beginning of each month. Note that you will also pay the full amount over holiday months. This is because the annual amount is divided into monthly instalments and you have to pay all the instalments in order to cover the entire annual fee. 
  • Find out from your school if they offer discounted rates for siblings attending the same school.
  • You have to give notice (usually a full term) when you leave a school and it might mean that you lose some of the money for the term that you’ve already paid. Find out from your school if and how they could accommodate you.
  • Make sure when you give notice you do it in writing. Not all schools accept an e-mail as notice letter.
  • Some extra murals are included in your fees, for example, music lessons. Find out from your school which lessons they include.
  • Schools can charge interest on overdue fees.
  • Private schools can charge a registration fee or ask for a deposit when your child is accepted into the school.
  • If you fall behind on payments, make an appointment with the school to come to an agreement of how you could pay them.

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