Saving on extra-murals

Tips on how to save on extra-murals

  1. Find out which extra-murals are included in the school fees and let your child choose something from this list.
  2. Buy second hand sport uniforms from the school’s clothes bank. Children grow very fast and chances are that a lot of clothes will be too small while still in a good condition.
  3. Start a sport uniform swop between parents with kids from different age groups. That way uniforms can be passed on when it’s too small.
  4. If your child is doing an activity like music where they need to practice on an instrument, you don’t have to buy the instrument from the start, try to make an arrangement with the music centre or school to ask if your child would be able to use their instruments to go and practice on a few times a week. 
  5. Let your child choose one or two extra-murals that you can afford and that they really enjoy. There’s no need for kids to have an activity lined up to do every day of the week.
  6. If you can, for example, only afford one coaching session or lesson a week, let your child practice with a friend on another day of the week.
  7. If your child is trying out a new sport or activity, let them borrow the equipment to see if they like it first. Parents often kit out their kids with the best sport equipment and then find that they child don’t even like the activity.
  8. If you can’t afford for them to do any extra-murals, make sure that you play with them and develop the skills they would’ve if they took part in a specific activity. Playing cricket, netball or soccer together as a family will keep everyone fit and creates opportunities to spend quality time together. 
  9. If your child shines in a specific sport/activity you can apply for sports bursaries at some schools or universities. Just keep in mind that this could potentially put a lot of pressure on your child to keep performing.

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