Saving for school trips

  1. Write down the dates of all the school trips coming up for the year/term/month, depending on how long in advance the school gives you these dates.
  2. Write down all the costs for the outing, e.g. entry fee, bus fee and pocket money. Parents tend to forget that the trip costs more than the amount you pay the school. Your child has to eat, drink, travel etc.
  3. Work backwords on your calendar from the trip/outing date to determine when you have to start saving for it or in which month you have to budget it in. If the trip is in August, you already have to plan for it in July.
  4. If you can’t afford all for your child to attend all the school trips during the year, ask the teacher which ones are compulsory or recommended and negotiate with your child which trips they will be able to go on.
  5. If the school has annual trips overseas, negotiate with your child in which grade they will go on that trip and save towards it. Your child can do holiday work to help save.