Sanitation in schools

How does sanitation facilities affect education
Research shows that hygienic toilet facilities affect education directly. There are more than 24,000 public schools in South Africa and only about 8,000 have flushing toilets. Girls are especially reluctant to stay in school when toilets and washing facilities are not private, save, clean or available.

Poor sanitation at schools threatens our children’s health, privacy and safety. These are real threats with UNICEF estimating 1.5 million children who dies each year from diarrhea.

What is being done in South Africa

  • The government has School Sanitation Projects where they upgrade many school’s sanitation facilities.
  • Many schools have Portaloos for the children to use.
  • Some communities have taken responsibility and built ablution blocks at their kid’s schools.

How can you get involved?

  • Teach your children about hygiene and how to avoid infections in the specific circumstances they are facing at school.
  • Teenage girls should be educated and supported with appropriate sanitary products.
  • You can support and donate to organisations that build flushing toilets in rural areas and schools such as equal education, building blocks foundation, UNICEF South Africa.

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