Practical tips to encourage your child to love maths

Balancing your budget, buying clothes or groceries, estimating distance or something as simple as baking a cake requires maths skills. Here are some simple tips to help get your child excited in maths.

1. Make it fun
Whatever you do with maths the first rule is to make it fun. For a child maths and numbers are initial scary because of the unknown. Be gentle and make the journey of leaning of maths fun and a ‘want to do’ activity.

2. Familiarize yourself with the learning standards
It is important to know what the skills your child is currently learning in order to help. At A+Students we continually talk to parents and even explain what homework needs to be done so that you the parent can assist and guide your child.

3. Use maths everyday with your child
Encourage your child to use maths in everyday life. On the way home ask how long it will take to get home and what would happen if another route is used. At the local supermarket there are loads of exercises you can do for example if a loaf of bread is R12.50 what will two loaves cost? Etc.

4. Get involved with the homework
We all know homework is a drag but if you get involved you can make it fun. It is very motivating for a child to have a parent show an interest in their work. Take those few minutes a day just going through the books and the homework without any outside distractions and very soon your child will be excited about having to do homework because of the attention being received.

5. Play maths games
Chess, dominos and even monopoly all have some element of maths. Especially in the elementary years children can learn the basics of maths whilst playing these games with you. A+ Students has a great range of play products as well.

6. Read books which incorporate maths
Story books with great adventures tales and great and are important to your child’s development but so too are books which incorporate a little maths, counting or logic.

7. Detail.
Pay attention to details however small especially when it comes to maths. Help your child with each step of the calculation without skipping steps. Even something a simple as counting the page numbers aloud is a small detail but helps reinforce counting and the logic sequence of numbers.

8. Make it fun
As with the first point, fun and enjoyment are the most important aspects of learning. If a child enjoys learning maths because it’s fun, success in their life will be a mere formality.