Practical career building tips for the job seeker

Whether in a stable job, looking for a new opportunity to expand your horizon, or unemployed and looking for your first job, the job search can take a toll on an individual and those around the job seeker. Here are some tips to help you or your loved ones looking for employment through this challenging time. 

Where and how to start looking
Once you have prepared your CV and cover letter, compile a list of recruiters who work with candidates in your specific field. Also look at career sites such LinkedIn, Career Junction, PNet and create a profile there to increase the chances of being seen by more recruiters. 

It is easier to be motivated at the start of a task, but lose steam along the way when things are not working out the way we hoped they would. This is why a support structure is essential. If you are a friend or family member of a job seeker, take some time to encourage them.

Ask for feedback
It is important to get feedback for every task you take on, especially one as future-shaping as job hunting. A lot of the times the problem is not that the candidate is not capable of securing employment, but simply that they have areas they can improve in order to become more appealing to employers. What helps at times, is asking for feedback from the recruiter or Human Resources/Talent Acquisition Manger if your application was unsuccessful. Try not to take it as a criticism but as an opportunity to see yourself in a different light and find out the things you can work on.

Forget about what people say about you. People will always have something to say, so do not let that be a source of anxiety during your job hunting phase. Focus on your own progress, celebrate the small victories and improvements and stay positive.

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