Outdoor family fun

  1. Play with a ball outside. You don’t need a lot of space and can invent any game you like. From shooting hoops, to dividing the family in teams and playing a soccer match, to trying out hand tennis, ball tricks like bouncing the ball on your head or just good old throw and catch. Remember that by using a different type of ball or Frisbee you can make it more or less difficult. 
  2. Hopscotch never gets old and your children will love using chalk to draw the blocks on the cement or driveway. They will develop important school readiness skills with this game. 
  3. Skipping rope games. Two people can swing a skipping rope from side to side while a third jumps over the rope. Once their feet catch the rope, it's someone else’s turn. There are fun rhymes/songs that can go with these games, but you can make up your own or use any familiar song to give some rhythm to the game. 
  4. Races. Have fun races by giving everyone a chance to decide what type of race to have. It could be skipping, hopping on one foot, wheelbarrow walking, running backwards etc. 
  5. Hitting a target. This can be anything from throwing balls into a bucket to see who gets the most in or trying to hit and throw over bottles filled with water. 
  6. Water balloon fight. Fill some balloons with water, dress in your swim wear and go wild!
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