Money games for kids

Understanding cash flow, the importance of saving and planning for unforeseen events are a few of the financial lessons that your child can learn when playing some money games. Here is a few suggestion that you can tailor to fit their age and interest:

  1. Play store with real money: Set up a store, take turns to be the customer and the shop owner, pay with real money and give change.
  2. Keep a container for all your coins and count them together before depositing it into their account each month.
  3. Give your kids a budget and let them buy gifts when there is a birthday or special event.
  4. Play board games like Monopoly and The Allowance Game.
  5. Use a pocket money manager app like Roosterbank with your child and let them manage their own pocket money in a fun way.

Interesting fact:
Momentum created a financial literacy board game, Making Money Matter, aimed at school going learners. This board game and financial literacy programme was implemented with great success in several high schools during 2015.

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