Mentally fit to teach

Use these eight tips on a daily basis to keep your cup filled:

You need to look good, to feel good. Take time to dress nicely and get your hair done. Then tell yourself “Darling, you look good!�?

You are what you eat.’ Make sure to eat regular healthy meals. Just as the learners can’t concentrate on an empty stomach, you can’t teach when hungry or suffering from low blood sugar.

Have positive self-talk. Yes, you are special and you are allowed to say it to yourself. In fact, you should give yourself at least one compliment every day.

Believe in yourself. The worst way to start a day is by thinking “I can’t do this.�? You can do it your way, and that is good enough.

Take control over the things you need to, and let it go of the rest. You know how far your responsibility stretches. Take control over that and do your best to accomplish that.

Debrief and unload your emotions.   Meet up with a friend, colleague or even therapist to talk about your stress, shortcomings, successes, worries and fears. When you feel down, the learners will definitely pick up on your emotions, react on it and it will escalate your stress.

Remember to breathe. In the midst of teaching, fighting your battles and experiencing the highs and lows, take a deep breath from time to time.  Not only will it reduce the stress but will help you to focus and think clearly.

Have quiet time a few minutes every day. Make this your time to think or pray.  You need time to clear your mind and prepare for new challenges.

When following there guidelines, you will feel mentally fit to teach and it will overflow into your classroom management and the atmosphere in your classroom.

“Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from that overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.�? Eleanor Brownn

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