Making tutoring cheaper

If you can’t afford a private tutor for your child, don’t despair. Try one of the following cheaper alternatives that could be just as effective:

  1. Group tutoring: This option is less expensive than individual classes and if it’s still a small group that allows for individual attention, your child could benefit just as much from it. 
  2. Attend free extra classes at school: Schools often offer extra classes after school where teachers go through the themes of the week, explaining difficult concepts again.  
  3. Let your child ask their teacher for help during an off period: Teachers are often very willing to sit with a child during break or an off period to help them with the things they struggle with. Just ask, you might be pleasantly surprised about how much a teacher might be willing to do for their students. 
  4. Peer tutoring: If your child has a friend that’s good in a subject that they struggle with they can ask them for help. It should remain your child’s responsibility to do and study what they can and then only go to their friend with the things they can’t figure out.
  5. Family tutor: Find out if an aunt, uncle, grandparent or someone you knows can help with the schoolwork if it’s a subject that you can’t help your child with. 
  6. Study/Homework groups: If your child has the right personality and learning style for a study group, they might benefit from the discussions and the doing homework together.
  7. Go online: The internet is full of explanations and videos on anything that you struggle with. Try our free resource download or tutorial videos.

You might want to read more about study groups and if this would benefit you or your child.