Make school holidays fun & healthy

During school holidays learners often enjoy eating a whole lot of junk food and lying in front of the television. It’s the only time on the school calendar that they significantly gain weight and develop all types of health problems.

The problem is further exacerbated by the fact that when schools open most learners will find it hard to cope with the early morning routine and hectic school term. Parents can have a direct influence on how and what learners engage in during school holidays. For example, taking your children out to the gym during the holidays can be a new experience for them which can significantly change their health behaviour. In a recent research study, which was published in the American Journal for Health Promotion, it was discovered that most learners are unaware and unaccustomed to health behaviour change unless first seeing a parent or a guardian take the first step.

Here are a few ways in which you can easily engage your children in health behaviour change this holiday:
A trip to the gym - On your way out to the gym after a long and exhaustive day, ask your children to join you, don’t make it sound like a daunting task but make it an enjoyable experience.
Say Yes to games - Playing games with your children in the back yard or visiting a nearby park to play touch rugby or throwing around a frisbees can be fun.
Walk the dogs - A pastime activity which is normally associated with older people is walking your dogs around the neighbourhood. Ask your children to join you and make it worthwhile.
Doing the garden - Many learners find it boring to be digging around the yard whether it’s for planting trees or in the garden. You can turn this into an exciting experience through planting their favourite fruits and vegetables.
Experience with healthy snacks in the kitchen instead of junk food – Holidays can give them the time to experience in the kitchen. Try this healthy chocolate brownie recipe.

There is a range of fun and games which can keep your children physically active and healthy during the holiday just make it fun and exciting for them.

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