Living with an allergy or food Intolerance

Researchers believe that as a person's gastrointestinal system develops, it gets better at blocking the absorption of components that trigger food allergies. Over time, children typically outgrow allergies to cow's milk, eggs, wheat, and soybean products. However, allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish can be lifelong. And some children will outgrow one allergy only to develop another. Read more about allergies & food Intolerance.

Living with an allergy or food intolerance 
Once you or your child's food allergy has been diagnosed, it is essential to avoid the culprit food(s). In the case of a food allergy, all traces of the food must be removed. Never reintroduce the food without expert dietetic advice. With a food intolerance, it may be possible to include small amounts into the diet without any adverse effects. 

Tip: A food and symptom diary will assist in working out just how much of the food can be tolerated. 

Reading labels
Make sure you read the ingredients list on foods. Many of the listed substances are derived from allergy-producing foods but with unusual names. For example, sodium caseinate and whey syrup solids are both derived from milk. 

Egg protein may be labeled as: albumin, binder, coagulant, emulsifier, globulin, lecithin, livetin, lysozyme, ovalbumin, ovamucin, ovamucoid, ovovitellin, vitellin.

Milk protein may be labelled as: artificial butter flavour, butter, butter fats, buttermilk solids, caramel colour, caramel flavouring, casein, caseinate, cheese, cream curds, de-lactosed whey, dry milk solids, high protein flavour, lactalbumin, lactalbumin phosphate, lactose, milk derivative, milk solids, natural flavouring, rennet casein, sour cream (solids), sour milk solids, whey or whey powder, whey protein caseinate.

Soy protein may be labelled as: gum arabic, bulking agent, carob, emulsifier, guar gum, hydrolysed vegetable protein (HVP), soya lecithin, MSG may be soya derived, protein, protein extender, stabiliser, starch, texturised vegetable protein, thickener, tofu, vegetable broth, vegetable gum, vegetable starch.

Wheat protein may be labelled as: all purpose flour, bleached/unbleached flour, bulgur (cracked wheat), bran, cornstarch, couscous, durum wheat/flour, farina, gelatinised/ pregelatinised starch, gluten, vital gluten, graham flour, high protein flour, kamut, malt, millers bran, modified starch, semolina, spelt, starch, vegetable gum, vegetable starch, white flour. 

Useful resource:
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