Links that will change your teaching

This website provides you with a model of writing traits and has lesson plans, writing prompts and rubrics that you can download. If you want some practice in using the rubrics there is some writing samples where you can see how other teachers marked and scored it.

Math games from the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Kids love to learn through games and you can find games in every area of math and at the different grade levels.

Interactive Math exercises
Mathspace has online math textbooks, workbooks and mark books. There are interactive online exercises where students can get instant feedback. A record of each student’s performance is kept and the teacher can go back to see in which step the student made a mistake.

Google Earth
Google earth can make a subject like history or geography come alive when you show children the street view of the place you are teaching them about or take a tour of the landmark that is mentioned in their study material.

The National Science Teacher Association
Science teachers can stay up to date with journal articles and the latest science stories in the news. You will also find amazing ideas for experiments on The National Science Teacher Association's website.

The Smithsonian
Your students can take virtual tours through exhibits and ask experts in the field some questions with The Smithsonian Education site. To supplement these tours you can download the lesson plans they have available.

The Homework Zone
If you would like to create a free classroom website where you can post assignments, upload worksheets and communicate other important information, the HomeworkZone can help you.

Wikispace private online classroom
With Wikispace you can create an online classroom workspace that will help you with managing your classroom, track assessments in real-time and connect with parents and students. This is a private space that you can change to meet the needs of your class.

Glogster is great for creating online posters with text, video clips, links and animation. This can make learning fun by presenting the material in different formats. There are existing ones that you can download to use!

Smart Exchange
Smart Exchange is a great website where teachers exchange lessons for their interactive whiteboards. You can download existing lessons or just get some inspiration.

Teacher Tube
On Teacher Tube, teachers can find instructional videos to supplement their lessons.

Making movies
Powtoon is an easy to use tool on which students or teachers can create short animated clips. The possibilities for this in the classroom are endless!

Creative with Crayola
This website has loads of free downloads that teachers can use to support arts-infused education in their classrooms. From lesson plans to creative activities for your classroom.

Workshops and material to develop you
Go here to develop your skills as a teacher. Being a lifelong learner yourself sets an example to your learners.
For user guides and manuals that will help you master web skills, go to Hubspot Academy.
Crayola offers professional development resources that you can download.

Teaching blogs to inspire you
Read some teaching blogs to get ideas and tips for your classroom. Nothing will inspire you to keep up with the latest trends like reading what others are trying out.

Click here to read more about being an inspiring teacher.