Library vs digital reading

Some people say that libraries and books are outdated in the digital age that we live in, while others feel strongly that we should still take our kids to the library and focus on reading them physical books. Let’s look at the advantages of both:

Advantages of visiting the library

  • It’s an opportunity to bond with your child. Look for books and read together.
  • Children learn that we have to look after something we borrow from someone else.
  • It’s a sensory experience that involves almost all the senses, creating more powerful emotional connotations and learning experiences.
  • Paging improves fine motor skills.
  • Touching the physical book can help your brain to create context for what you are reading.

Advantages of digital reading

  • This doesn’t take a lot of space, your entire bookshelf will fit onto one device.
  • You can read in the dark without a light.
  • No paper is being used, which means that our trees are saved.
  • You can purchase a new book any time of the day or night and receive it immediately.
  • E-books sometimes have links to helpful websites.
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