Kids bunking school

A while back I saw two kids bunking school – who do you blame the school or the kids?

On my way to work I pass the local High School and although this is sometimes a curse, it is always interesting to observe the pupils, the friend groups they mix in, their attitude and of course how many are on their phones!  The other morning when I was late leaving home.

I had passed the school, which was already in progress and down the road, on the way to goodness knows where, there were two “boytjies�? , laughing, brazenly and noisily walking on the side of the road and making every effort to show all and sundry that they were the main guys and not going to school today.  Now that’s all very well in exam time, but it concerned me greatly that these two kids were not only losing time that should be spent improving their knowledge, but when they did go back to school, they would no doubt brag about their escapade which in turn might encourage other youngsters to do the same and join the “I am a main man�? club.

Who is to blame, the school, the kids, the parents – I don’t have the answer.  I just feel so sorry that whatever it is that the school has to offer, is just not good enough for these two particular boys.  Or perhaps it’s the system, whereby no method is in operation to find out why the kids weren’t in school.  Fortunately it is not an everyday occurrence, but I think consideration should be given to establish why, if a kid isn’t in school, why not – and the process should be a very simple and easy to introduce one.

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