Kiddle – the safe internet search for kids

Kids often have access to the internet these days. They use the internet for homework, to find a new game and for whatever else they find interesting. But have you ever searched bunny and gotten a link to “sexy girls photos and videos? I was terrified when this happened to me and I just wanted to find out what a balanced diet for our pet rabbit would be.

Kiddle is a kid friendly search engine that will give your child safe search results with no explicit content. Should a child try to search an inappropriate word, a guard robot will tell them that the search is blocked and that they should try something else. Here is how the results of a search is given to your child:

The search results are also illustrated with big thumbnails and a large font is used, making it easier for kids to scan and use the visual clues to see which result is more appropriate for what they want to know.

Kiddle’s privacy setting further protects your kids by not collecting any personally identifiable information. Their logs are deleted every 24 hours.

The other side of it
There is some controversy about gender identity searches that is being blocked. Some feel that this will actually be detrimental to kids who are unsure of their identity and searching for answers. Kiddle gives a polite message that they don’t have anything against gay or transgender communities, but that they can’t guarantee the safety of such a search and then suggest that the child speak to a trusted adult about this.

There will surely be issues like this and even if the search engine is not perfect, this is definitely a much safer way of surfing the internet. Click here to start using Kiddle.