Kick-start your school day

Breakfast kick-starts metabolism and prepares individuals to meet the demands of the day in both the physical and psychosocial sense. The effect of breakfast on performance at school, work or any environment is an issue often misunderstood and underestimated.

Research suggests that skipping breakfast adversely affects problem solving, short-term memory, attention and episodic memory. Conversely, when you eat breakfast performance is enhanced on measures of vigilance attention, arithmetic problem solving tasks, and logical reasoning. Let’s look at it like this, in the morning when your children burst through the kitchen door to the car seat without eating anything they could be preparing themselves for an unproductive day. Even when you are late for work or dropping the kids off at school, you can still make breakfast part of your day.

How can you make breakfast a part of your day?
Start Small

  • If you don’t feel hungry in the morning, start small with a piece of bread/toast.
  • Once you get used to eating earlier in the morning, start adding more to your morning meal e.g. a glass of water or juice and breakfast after an hour or so when your appetite increases.
Pack and Go
  • If you can’t eat before leaving for work, have plenty of easily packable foods on hand to take with you.
  • Try cheese, yoghurt, biscuits or oatmeal.
  • If you need to wake up a bit earlier to have time to enjoy a healthy breakfast, it’s worth it 
  • Keep quick options handy for when you are running out of time
  • The latest science research shows that on the one hand, breakfast eaters are more likely to reach recommended levels of important micronutrients and workplace efficiency, on the other hand that eating breakfast can help reduce the risk of serious health problems such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. So the next time you feel like taking off without eating breakfast just try to remember the three areas pointed out in this article!

Plan Ahead
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