How the web can earn you money

You can earn some extra money by doing what you enjoy and are good at doing. Things such as photography, writing, editing, house sitting and even the arts and crafts, have made it onto the ever growing list.

With the internet being such a big part of our lives in almost every single way, career opportunities or a second / third source of income is just a click away. With a lot of research, you can find quite a diverse selection of career options that will give you the flexibility you may need in your life.

Copywriting is one of those jobs that were always necessary but no one quite knew who did it. The love of reading and writing goes a long way - and being comfortable with words and language. You can gain a lot of experience by writing articles for others as well as editing – and it comes down to the age old adage of “practice makes perfect�?.  Practicing your skills is important, start with writing on subjects you already know about or are passionate about. Over time, you may start looking at subjects that will require you to do some research in order to write an article, but it will encourage you to broaden your knowledge and explore different writing styles. A copywriter may also have the opportunity of specialising in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which will certainly allow you to market your services to a wider audience.  

Whilst on the topic of languages, if you know how to read and write in two or more languages then translation can be an option worth considering. The great part about this type of work is that you can live anywhere or be travelling; all you need is your language skills, good internet connection and your laptop.  South African Translators Institute is the ideal place for you to start looking however you may expand your search to certified international sites that can offer you more opportunities if you speak a foreign language.

Graphic Design
There is more to being a great graphic designer and there is so much in-depth knowledge needed as well as learning various skills, which take years of study and work to be done.  With a strong portfolio and recommendations from previous clients, it may be possible to attract companies that would need your services - whether you are based in the same city or in another country. Ensuring that your portfolio is up to date is of utmost importance because this is where you showcase your work and talent.

Social Media Marketing
If social media is something you enjoy and you always looking out for what brands are doing on their social media spaces such as Facebook, and keep thinking that there is more that they can achieve – this could be something for you to consider. For many organisations, working on their Facebook, Twitter and various other accounts, ensuring that they are kept up to date with relevant, new and interesting information, is time consuming.  Taking over their fan pages, social media accounts or running Facebook ads is a perfect digital job that can be done from anywhere. There are the necessary skills and knowledge needed but there are opportunities in this area too.

This looks a broad title and may make you think “What does that even mean?�? You can be consulting for any person or organisation in any type of industry. Your specialties or particular skill set could vary and maybe cover different areas but to ensure that you fulfil your clients’ needs and deliver on exceptional work and you need to be sure on what you can offer to your clients.  Whether you are in law, marketing, HR, design or anything else, you can offer your services to a number of clients no matter where you – or they are.

If you have ever considered running a blog with the intention of making money, there are some things you need to be aware of before you start on the journey as it can be quite hard. Knowing how often you can blog, what you are going to blog about is a good place to start and then being willing to share your latest posts via your other social media settings – this is how people will know that you’re there. It is important to be consistent and not post infrequently as the audience that you had built, does forget about you. There are great platforms that one can use for their blogs, for example or Google’s Blogger.

Always remember that whatever it is that you do, you should be passionate about it, really work hard at it, and give it time. Also if you need to ask others who are doing what you would like to do, how they went about it and made it work for themselves. Don’t be afraid to tell people what you do, there is always someone who will need your services at some point, they do need to know where to find you.

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