How to choose the right school shoe for your child

Feet development can take up to a child’s 21st birthday and the soft tissue and cartilage should be protected. Since children’s feet are softer and more supple than grown-up’s feet, comfort and support should be your main objectives when buying them shoes. 

Here are some helpful guidelines:

  • Choose a shoe from breathable material.
  • The sole of the shoe should be flexible, lightweight and from a non-slip material.
  • The heel should be about half a centimetre high to provide the correct support for the spine.
  • The front should be wide and round with lots of space for their toes.
  • Your child’s feet shouldn’t slide back and forth when they walk. But to make sure it is not too tight, you should be able to pinch the side of the shoe between your fingers. 
  • You should be able to fit a finger’s breadth in front of your child’s longest toe and the front of the shoe.

Check your child’s shoe size at least every 4 months.
Remember: Walking barefoot is the best option for healthy feet development and will provide your child with the sensory input and exercise of the foot muscles they need! 

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