Holiday maths games

Activities during the holiday shouldn’t even remotely resemble school work. If you want to think educational, you should also think fun and games. Children can enjoy themselves while learning at the same time.

When it comes to maths for kids, here are a few games and activities which you and your children can play:

  • Go fish. This popular card game can teach children to recognise and identify basic numbers.
  • Card games such as Rummy where they will have to add up their score at the end of each game are a great way to practice addition and counting.
  • Give them paint by numbers activities to do. Not only will this get them familiar with numbers, but they can also learn about different colour at the same time.
  • When doing grocery shopping, ask your child to add up the prices of everything you put in the trolley and see if their answer equals the amount reflected at the checkout counter.
  • Buy some fun and educational activity books which you can give them to do in the evening or on rainy days when they are confined indoors.
  • Another popular and fun game to play is Memory. This timeless game involves putting cards face down on the floor or on a table and children take turns trying to match and pair the correct cards together.

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