Holiday hangover – getting back into routine

The following tips can help you get back into routine after the holiday:

  1. Make sure your kids have some calm, down time before they go to bed. Use this time to read, play quietly, build puzzles or to have a chat.
  2. Don’t let the kids watch television for two hours prior to going to bed.
  3. Never let them have caffeinated drinks like coffee and be careful of hidden caffeine in things like cold drinks and chocolate.
  4. Go to bed the same time every night as far as possible.
  5. Make sure that their homework is done in the early afternoon to reduce stress before going to bed.
  6. Be organised by packing lunchboxes and letting the kids pack their school bags the night before.
  7. Make sure they drink enough water during the day. You might want to read more about how much water is enough.
  8. Start their day with a healthy breakfast that is low in sugar. They might not always feel hungry early in the morning, but they will feel tired and find it difficult to concentrate if they don’t eat breakfast.
  9. Make sure to not overbook their calendars, leaving time for play and to relax.

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