Healthy mealtimes

Parents are either exhausted at mealtimes or just give up and stick to whatever limited or unhealthy options their kids will eat. Read this open letter to sugar mommies.

Taking into account that you are not just feeding your growing child’s body but also their growing brain, and that the food you put into their bodies can determine their brain development, learning and concentration emphasises the importance of getting your child to choose to eat what you dish up.

A few good tips is to:

  1. Rule out sensitivity to texture in the mouth as a possible reason first.
  2. To not make a fuss. The bigger the fuss the bigger the fight.
  3. To give them options. All of which will be acceptable to you.
  4. And to involve them in preparing the food.

Watch our video on Healthy Mealtimes to see how you can involve your child in the preparation of food.

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