Healthy eating over the holidays

The holiday season has begun, and with it comes all the festivities – from family gatherings, to workplace celebrations and vacations, a truly joyous and rewarding time of year!  But if you have been working hard to keep up your healthy lifestyle, the holidays can be a stressful time as you try your very best to stay on track. With a few small steps, you can keep a healthy balance in your lifestyle while still enjoying the festivities.

Keeping up your activity

  • Set time aside to be active.
  • Remember that every bit counts, so even if you cannot get to the gym for your usual 30 minutes, three shorter 10-minute bursts of physical activity throughout the day still add up to a healthier you!
  • Wear a fitness device to track how many steps you have done each day. This is extremely motivating and will encourage you to get moving on your holiday excursions. If you don’t have one, visit the Multiply online shop and buy yours now.
  • Limit screen time for the whole family. When you do watch TV, try to move around and “multitask�? as you watch or listen. Try doing some stretching, sit-ups, or even marching on the spot.
  • Get involved in games with your kids – it can burn quite a lot of energy following your little ones around for hide-and-seek, last-touch or garden cricket.
  • Go for a light walk after a big lunch. Rope in your family for “catch-up’’ time!

Healthy eating tips
Try to maintain your regular eating habits wherever you can. When you aren’t attending a function or celebration, follow your normal healthy eating plan. Spread your meals evenly across the day, and don’t skip a meal in anticipation of a large lunch or dinner. Skipping meals will leave you ravenous and more likely to overindulge when you arrive at a restaurant or party.
Plan your portions for every meal using the balanced plate model.
Contribute to the dinner spread by offering to bring a side dish to the party. Make something you know to be on the healthier side, like a vegetable crudité starter, homemade vegetables crisps, a side salad or fruit kebabs for dessert.
Eat your meals mindfully, taking time to enjoy and savour your holiday favourites. You’re likely to have a smaller serving and enjoy meal time even more than usual.
If you are going to enjoy a helping of dessert, plan ahead and keep your portions small. Cut back on the starch portion in your main meal and fill up with plenty of non-starchy vegetables and salad instead.

Did you know? 
Pick n Pay employs the services of a registered dietitian, Leanne Kiezer, to provide free nutrition advice to the public. Contact Leanne via the Pick n Pay Health Hotline on 0800 11 22 88 or to start your nutrition conversation.