Healthy affordable meal plan

Use this sample meal plan as an example of a cost effective and balanced diet


  • Peanut butter and banana on whole-wheat toast
  • Cooked oats with milk and raisins
  • Baked beans and sliced tomato on whole-wheat toast
  • Wholegrain, high fibre breakfast cereal with low-fat milk or reconstituted milk powder and chopped fruit
  • A boiled egg and grilled mushrooms on whole-wheat toast


  • Any whole, fresh fruit
  • A small tub low-fat fruit yoghurt
  • Raw peanuts and raisins
  • Whole-wheat bread with peanut butter
  • Whole-wheat crackers with anchovy spread or cottage cheese
  • Vegetable leftovers

Sardines on toast
Tuna fishcakes with a small salad
Lentil and ham salad
Baked sweet potato with smoky baked beans
Rustic chickpea, lentil and vegetable soup

Sweet potato and lentil curry
Samp and beans with pilchards
Chilli con carne with root dippers
Pilchard Puttanesca
Chicken satay with fiery slaw
Lentil and butternut Bobotie

Did you know?
Pick n Pay is committed to promoting health and wellbeing among South Africans, and employs a Registered Dietitian to provide free food and nutrition-related advice to the public.  Contact our Health Hotline on 0800 11 22 88 or to start your nutrition conversation.

You can also visit to find a dietitian in your area who is registered with the Association for Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA).

To learn more about becoming a Pick n Pay Smart Shopper, contact our Customer Care team on 0800 11 22 88.

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