Get active with your kids

Exercise is often the first thing we give up when we get very busy or when we get kids. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as exercise keeps you healthy, productive, feeling positive and mentally sharp. It’s also a great way to get rid of some stress. Here is a few things you can do:

  • Gym: If you enjoy going to the gym you can take your kids with if there is a facility such as Club-V. When they are old enough you can choose a class that both of you might enjoy doing together. Virgin Active has classes like Zumba, Just Dance, Move, Move Lite, Groove, Twentyfour Family, Kick and Hip Hop which you can try. 

  • Swimming: Your kids will love it if you get into the pool with them and have some fun. While having fun you could get a full body workout.

  • Walking: Take your kids for a walk after work. Walking is an excellent form of exercise and you get the opportunity to catch up with each other before you start with dinner and other household tasks.

  • Housework or Gardening: Doing your own housework or gardening as a family can get everyone active and foster values such as team work, being organised, taking care of my environment and being neat.

  • Cycling: Swop the screen time for some outdoor fun with the kids. Take them cycling in the park rather than lying in front of the television on a Saturday.

  • Play: Set out a dedicated time for active play when you arrive home from work. Give your kids your undivided attention and play outside. Whether you kick a ball, chase each other or carry them on your back, they will love the attention while you work on getting fit.

Watch this video to get some fun ideas of how to use your children to exercise with!

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