Games to improve concentration

This game helps with concentration and learning multiplication tables. Sit in a circle and decide with which table you will start, for example, the seven times table, and which number will be the special number, for example, 77. Each child should lightly smack the hand of the next child whilst at the same time calling out the next multiple of 7. If the next number is the special number you have to pull your hand away so that you don’t get smackarooed. If you get smackarooed you are out! You can change the special number with each round to keep the children focused. Whoever stays in longest wins.

The X
In this game children sit quietly and focus all their attention on a poster in the front of the class. The poster has a big X on it. When they reach optimum concentration, it will look like the X moves.

Mental Arithmetic - Anzan Dictation
You can ask your child single or double digit sums that they need to calculate as fast as possible without any physical aids. They need to listen carefully so don’t repeat numbers. Children who do CMaths use their right brain to visualise their Soroban and are able to complete the calculations on their virtual Soroban.

Play Chess as a family
A Chess game demands intense concentration and will improve a player’s concentration and focus over time. You need to follow every move your opponent makes, think strategically and plan your own moves ahead.

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