Free education

Why should you go to university?
Some students go to university because there is no work for them. This cannot be the reason why you decide to go. You should go to university to study something that you will enjoy studying, will complete the course and, when you graduate, you will be in a position to make a contribution to your country.

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What should happen before you go to university?
- You should be very sure of which career direction will suit you best. Often a career assessment can help you with this. If you are studying in a career direction that suits you, your pass rate, student life and learning experience will improve dramatically.

- The “easy�? type degrees should be foregone in favour of degrees/skills that can make a contribution in the “critical skills�? arena. Do some research and make sure that you study something that will open up opportunities.

Free education
If we look at countries where free education is implemented successfully they’ve got the above in place. In Sweden, for example, where University education is fully subsidised, pre-enrolment assessment of the student is compulsory and there are ramifications if you fail to graduate.

The present demand for free education and the call for the facility not to be available to all and sundry definitely holds merit. To implement this successfully will take a lot more than just subsidising the fees.

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