Fine motor games for strong hands & fingers

Fine Motor Development involves hand, fingers and wrist movements that are used in coordination with the eyes. Because these skills take time to fully develop, children should play games to help this along from an early age.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Use a piggy bank to push coins through one by one, while holding 2 other coins. Look for a piggy bank with a slot at the top, it’s easier to use than one with a side slot.
  2. Playdough is an excellent way to develop the strength in the hands, arms and shoulders. Let them squeeze and roll the clay.
  3. Get a pair of kiddie scissors and start to cut colourful pieces of paper.  This is one of the best ways to get their fingers to work together.
  4. Bath time can be fun and you can strengthen their fingers and hands with water squirt toys.
  5. Building puzzles improves fine motor control.
  6. Chinese Blocks are colourful and comes in different shapes and sizes and will develop fine motor skills when they have to carefully slot them into one another.
  7. Outdoor play and climbing on a jungle-gym will improve hand strength.
  8. Teaching your child to eat with cutlery is a good way to get the left and right hand to work together.

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