Education is freedom

“A wise system of education will at least teach us how little man yet knows, yet how much he still has to learn.�?

There’s a lot of truth the above quote by Sir John Lubbock, as it is true to say that given the way the digital world is changing, this time next year, there are likely to be a myriad of career opportunities that just don’t exist at the moment.

I think it’s good that scholars are encouraged to use technology in class, as indeed we encourage the issuing of devices such as iPads or tablets to children, as again, it sets them free in whole new world of exploration and learning.  Monitoring or control of what is accessed is of course of paramount importance, but one cannot deny young and agile minds the opportunity of exploring the universe and what is in it.

You can read more about keeping your kids safe on the internet here.

It’s “freedom�? that everyone wants and the greatest hope of all is that this access to freedom is used for the undoubted good and learning experience it offers.  Whatever educators do or allow to be done, however must ensure that the learners and students under their control are well informed to ensure their learning is channelled in the right direction.

Important considerations when determining your tertiary education and career direction to ensure the right direction for you:

  • Know yourself:  understand your interests, skills and personality characteristics
  • Explore and research several career opportunities in an industry of interest – e.g. if you are interested in the IT industry, conduct research of the educational requirements, skills, scarce skills required as well as new job trends
  • Job shadow:  talk to experts in the field of interest to fully understand the job, to gain knowledge and insight

Ensuring you pursue the tertiary education and career path that you are interested in, will ensure you enjoy what you do.