eBook vs. paperback book costs

eBook costs

  1. Buying the tablet. Sometimes your child’s tablet is included in the school fees, the school might offer a down payment option, it could be partially or fully funded or you could be responsible for buying your child a tablet.
  2. Paying for the material and software being used.
  3. Software updates.
  4. Screens and other repairs.
  5. Insurance in case of theft or loss.
  6. Cases and protective film over the screen.

Costs of hard copy text books

  • Initial cost of the text book.
  • A text book can be passed on or bought second hand if it is well looked after. After some time wear and tear will mean that it has to be replaced.

General comparisons:

  • Ten text books loaded on a tablet is much lighter to carry in a school bag than ten paperback text books.
  • Working on a tablet removes the sensory experience a real book provides which you can smell, touch and page through. It’s more concrete and younger children might find it easier to work from a real book. Although we are moving towards e-books in every sphere of life, it’s important to make sure your child also experience the joy of real books.

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